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Villa by the sea in Belle ile en mer

If you have reached this page, you're almost there. Welcome to Belle ile en Mer, the biggest island of Brittany, with no bridge, no concrete and no crowd.

One step further : enter the Villa de Jade, the best way there is to enjoy the island : the view, the beach, the calm, the food.

The breathtaking view by the sea

la Villa de Jade vue du ciel

There is no trick on the picture. What you see is what you get. The house is surrounded by the sea. The sun directly wakes you up in your room, unless seagulls have started to sing first. Which view will you choose : the coast and the harbor, the beach or the plain ocean and the islands of Houat and Hoedic ?

Situation Villa de Jade, proche du Palais

Tea in the garden or oysters on the beach ?

La villa pour se baigner  la plage

You'd like them both ? Have them both. Take a soft robe and have a little swim in the sea before breakfast : the beach is right there, bellow the house, with private stairs.

La villa du far niente

If the tide is good enough, we can fish something for you, or grab savage oysters. But we will expect you for tea time in the garden, between the olive trees and the palm trees. The deck chairs are waiting for you.

So close to reach, so far from everything

La villa de Jade - Situation

Here is the mystery : the Villa is far enough from the harbor to make sure you will rest like nowhere else, and it is close enough to make sure than you can go there to have diner, by foot (20 mn), bike (10 mn), or car (2mn).

Brand new, with a century of history

La villa famille

The family villa is full of memories : it has celebrated its hundred years anniversary. Everything is in original wood, from the chimney to the furniture. The cups are made of old china and the spoons are in silver. But the comfort is guaranteed. We work on it all year long. You will find everything you need in your room, from Wifi to bubble bath. We can collect you with your luggage at the harbor. And, as you may have noticed, you do speak REAL English.

Bed and what a breakfast !

bed & Breakfast

No junk food over here. We get our milk from the farm, collect our eggs from our chicken. Everything is home made, out of organic food. We like to cook, and we change the menu everyday. Get ready for a brand new idea of breakfast.

The rooms

Don't take our word for it, just have a look at the three rooms, blue, strawberry and mallow

You might find worse elsewhere, but it is more expensive

Who we are
This is not an another anonymous hotel. We are real people welcoming you in our little paradise. Find out who we really are.

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